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NBA Live 2003 is among the first few editions of this game to be really good
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NBA Live 2003 is among the first few editions of this game to be really good. At the time this game released, I remember that NBA Live 2002 had sucked so bad that I was really not going to get NBA Live 2003. However, this game, which is the first NBA game ever released on the PC, was quite OK. The game featured nice graphics for the time. The players we would watch on the television were there and they were realistic in terms of skills. However, perhaps on the worst defects of this game back then, and now, too, is the fact that players don't really move like their counterparts in real life. Every movement is overreacted. Dunks are superficial and physically impossible. Passes are so precise that you wonder how they ever were thrown like that. The list of defects goes on and on. However, we were used to sport's games like these back then and all those defects didn't really cloud the game. NBA Live 2003 lacked multiplayer support and one on one matches were much better than to play against the computer. The addition of a franchise mode was really great, too. You could play a whole season with a team of your liking as if you were the manager. As it is usual with PC sport games, you only get one match to play, so make it last.

José Fernández
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  • Good improvement with relation to the previous year installment


  • Still, gameplay isn't realistic
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